Each morning that comes
is a fresh beginning
entirely in our own hands

All yesterdays be yesterdays
the past but dead and buried
in the limbo of oblivion

All tomorrows be tomorrows
having had no effect on our today
the time for us to make a new beginning

The way we lived our yesterday
has determined for us our today
so how we live our today
shall determine our tomorrow

The most auspicious be this moment
of this first hour of this new day
with all its sublime richness and glory
with all its eternity-determining possibilities

Each succeeding moment and the hour
has in it the seeds of fresh creation
the realization of the highest life–
only now or else never.


There is no greater force for the human good
than the mind and the heart that goes out for all
in an all-embracing love, and compassion
for all the victims of the suffering in the world

No greater service to all mankind
than to bring hope and happy cheer
to the underdog and wretched of the earth
ushering in their life a new golden morn

Finding the best, and inspiring the best in all
by virtue of the thoughts and the feelings
gleaned from the wisdom of seers of all ages
beginning a new era of happiness and prosperity

Unmindful of the dire straits, even the lashes of fate
undisturbed by the passing accidents, little or great,
ever serene, tranquil, with a will to conquer to the end,
holding aloft the torch of love you march on and on, unafraid.


A living realisation:
human life and divine life is one
this great transcendent truth
a mighty moving force in life

This living insight
the key to real peace and happiness
to live the life of the spirit
to drink at the fountain of divine life

To live good forever
living God’s good
in our day to day life
consecrating all our actions as a sacrifice

To the sole Doer
all what we do
be it when awake or in sleep
or working at our daily chores

Always thinking the Doer is the one
who works in me
thus coming to realise
the oneness of our life with the life divine.


Man draws strength from myriad power centres
to connect with the Order of the universe
to realise oneness with Infinite Power
whose prime locus lies in one’s heart

By attracting to yourself positive energy-charge
you get to know the working of the law of Love
which works silent, unseen and manifests
into all sentient beings, nature and universe

Thinking with whole of your being that ‘you can,’
infuses in you the strength and endurance
turning you into a tower of strength
a veritable master of destiny with the power to win.


Where has vanished the rhythm of wholeness
which came naturally to our seer-ancesters
who lived a balanced life of inner nurture
and of exterior acts, solitude and service

It was an inner journey toward our wholeness
of letting divine light into our spiritual house
to evolve a check list or a spiritual litmus test
to ascertain if our inner progress is safe and right

Towards the windows opening to the sky
or cluttered closets and cluttered schedules
cluttered thoughts and cluttered spirits
if it is growth, stagnation or regression

Love, joy, peace, patience and compassion
the fruits of the Spirit have fled from our life
the ecstasy of experience of beatitude taken wings
no more we feel the thrill and wonder of being alive.


Whizzing through clutter, confusion and obligations
we have not a single moment of mindless mindfulness
our continuous “busyness” has robbed us all our leisure
leaving us lonely in a crowd to trip on a slippery slope

We have lost our roadmap and compass as we progress
from one portal of success to another until we are lost
in a blind alley hemmed by walls of despair and doubt
as if moving in a desert maze, caught in a black out

We have forgotton the art of seeing through the heart’s eye
the miracle of creation out of gratefulness of the most high
so selfish and mean that we no more choose out of love and sacrifice
to cut asunder the veil of illusion that have turned the earth into a hell.


Certainty is an illusion
paradox and ambiguity
a mark of spiritual maturity

The increasing capacity to tolerate
on question of truth and to equivocate
rather than commit the sin of infallibility

Yearning humbles and ennobles
certainty drives to hubris
to swear by dogma and bigotry

To fundamentalist religions
with airtight formulas for salvation
closing doors to expansion and inclusion

In civilizational scale to tolerate both/and
is a sign of growth and deep trust
indicative of openendedness and progress

To steer clear of all self-deception and self-inflation
judging every proposition
on touchstone of experience and reason

To enter the circle of the free
feel good, think good, and do good
all the ways we can to all beings

Not immersed in the past
nor thinking of the morrow
but waking full and aware in the present moment.


Faith like Enlightenment,
until experienced can’t be known
faith opens the door
to our unity with the entire universe.

Like fish within the great ocean
by this unity
are we sustained at all times.

A simple act of faith but a first step.
An honest doubt,
a little humility,
most crucial to the recognition of Truth

How humbling this recognition
which leaves us open
to endless possibilities.

A skeptical doubt
lets us lose the sense of wonder
so essential to uncover
what lies yet unknown.

An honest doubt
doesn’t limit other ways
but spurs us to discover,
and express the Truth.

A “creed” carries the implication: “This is the Truth.
Therefore, all else must be false.”
This amounts to squeezing out the space
to further questioning and unraveling the Truth

Without gentleness and flexibility,
without room for honest doubt,
real faith thins out and ceases to exist.

An honest doubt lets us to recognize imperfections,
weigh them against their merits,
and to understand the the real perfection,
hidden in all things.

If faith enables us to see enlightenment
manifest around us, and in the actions of others,
doubt lets us to accept human nature as it is.

Gently accepting our own limitations,
we can at last glimpse enlightenment at work
within ourselves too.


What is mine shall come back to me
as water of the glaciar peak to the sea
so does the great law of love operates
time and distance shrink to let the likes meet

Stars in the sky come to a great fest at night
in clusters and constellations to play love games
orchestra to play and dance in translucent light
holding each others arms in spirals in fixed frames

Wink and blink to send signals across the space
to near and dear ones before they hide their face
in the rainbow hues of the advancing light of morn
suffusing the horizon and the hills in the crimson dawn.


All evil is the fruit of ignorance
weed that out from the roots
and you will be free from its dark effects

Ignorance is the cause of all suffering
of ensnaring duality and binary vision
play of opposites, strife and dissention

In selfless service, love, and compassion
lie the antidote to all ignorance and sin
the weapons to vanquish the forces of Satan

Love’s lamp turns our heart and hearth
into veritable temple of good and right
that we pray for the earth’s every child of light.