The Solitary Shores

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 Copyright © 2015 Preeth Nambiar

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Biography of the Poet

           Journalist, litterateur and humanitarian, Preeth Nambiar hails from the northern part of Indian state, Kerala in the southwest region of India on the Malabar Coast. Born in an ancient aristocratic family that carried the rich cultural heritage of Southern India, his works reflect greatly the rudiments of music, arts and devoutness that were acquired from the very atmosphere of early childhood and the later life of journeys across the virgin lands of India and abroad prepared him for a broader perspective of universal existence that has a great role in defining his poetry and other works. 

            He is renowned for the eloquence in narration and for the meditative tunes in his works whereas the elements of mysticism confer him the position of one of the most significant contemporary mystic poets in the tradition of the greatest Indian Mystics. He was awarded with prestigious Yayati Madan G Gandhi International Award for Poetry in 2014 and his works are being broadcasted by Celestial Radio, London, UK and are being showcased in many international publications. He is also an ardent photographer who absorbs the myriad moods of the nature through the lens.

            After serving the University of Cambridge international Examinations in the Maldives as the head of the Department of ESOL, he is presently living in India contributing greatly to media and literature.



             The distinguished Journalist, Author, and celebrated Metaphysical and Mystical Poet Sri Preeth Nambiar, has discovered, and proves to us in his inspired collection of Poems, the most important Theological Truth, that Almighty God reveals Himself to us through His endless display of the glorious Beauties in Nature, which can be seen through the wide variety of colourful flowers, solemn woods, dramatic skies, glorious sun-light, evergreen fields, deep valleys, sparkling rivers, and rolling hills.

            In this impressive collection of magnificent Poems, the Poet elaborates his tremendous discovery in the finest detail, using inspired poetic cadence, metre, startling metaphors, and vivid language, all pointing out delightfully the Great Mystical Truth that he has found, and then vigorously displays it to us in exquisite poetic form. He reaches the very heights of spiritual profundity when he tells us "Between the ecstatic pangs of joy there is a moment of void- a place where you disappear into nothingness".

            To illustrate his inspired revelation I quote one brief extract, which fully demonstrates the Poet\'s Great Artistic Talent and Skill in conveying and sharing the deep emotion he feels. The Collection is a veritable cornucopia of similar passages which will surely enchant the reader and also lead him or her to a joyful appreciation of the Divine in Nature that he or she might never have believed could be possible.

            "In the twilight morning seeking flowers in the garden lit in tender grins I found those moonbeam flowers smiling at me casting the light of serene white. With raindrops upon their petals shining, pleading me to touch it\'s bracing self and I felt of embracing them all to my bare chest warm of coolest shower. Birds sing songs celestial, breeze blows gentle and I remain mesmerised with a heart rejoicing the grace of unspoken words!       

            The sanctum sanctorum is ready; I have bathed the idol and lit lights divine. With a corbeille when I stood amidst the green, I wanted those flowers to offer unto His feet. Alas! Here I am left with frozen fingers unable to pluck them from their very being. The leaves of Tulsi are still, awaiting the pain of possible death - my fingers separating them from their stems! My Lord, never do I want to see that aching heart or its bleeding fragrance!”

            In this wonderful and beautiful collection, in carefully chosen language, metaphor and rhythm, he leads us to share his Poetic Vision in such a way, that it becomes for us a veritable life changing experience. His Poems are a form of deep spiritual meditation revealing the Presence and Power of the Divine, always shining through natural beauty, where ever and when ever we care to look.

            I firmly believe that when read, this book will also open up the inner eye of the reader to share the Poet\'s Great Vision in such a delightful way that he or she too, will always be conscious of the Divine revealing Himself to us constantly, through His Natural Beauty.


Alan Jacobs

Poet Writer Author

President, Ramana Maharshi Foundation

London, United Kingdom

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