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Dr. Silima Nanda is at present Director in the  International Division, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi. Prior to her joining  IGNOU in 2006,  as  an Associate professor in English she taught  in many prestigious  colleges in   Odisha. She has authored number of  books and has contributed many scholarly   articles to   journals of repute. She can be reached at silim@rediffmail.com.


This is  my first poetic endeavour in expressing my subtle thoughts on varied  experiences, acquaintances, associations  and reflections on life and environment.......



            “Lost Connections” is a collection of poems penned by DrSilima Nanda, and as I understand, this is her first collection. The poet has certain values and she seems to reconnect her lyrical mind to those values lost in mundane sphere.  It is difficult to judge her poetic future from these early seeds but one cannot miss the sincerity of voice in these poems. To borrow a word from her poem “Silent Cry”, these are vocalization of her silent feelings, kept simple in expression, but aimed as poetic appeals to the heart of her readers so that they can also regain their lost connections. Since the poet\'s appeal is sincere, many of these poems will hopefully receive positive response.

            In the poem “Silent Cry”, one can read an environmental message conveyed by a persona that assumes a human form to speak in human voice but is truly a tree that expresses the anguish of a forest so feelingly—

One by one

My friends drop down

limbs and arms

cut into segments

and   the rational mortals

hug me with a kiss?

drench my leaves

with  showers of humanity.

             This appeal is to the human conscience and is a direct question.  The poem ends in a question but it begs for an answer. In the poem “Reality”, the poetic mind traces human relationship in a conjugal situation, in which love has lost its cementing glue and ennui has crept in between two persons. When the relationship lost its spark in a bored and mechanical inter-personal relationship,

It would never cohere

And be as it was before

Warm and taut

sprightly and divine

perhaps it would reflect the empty desires

and cries of despair

of the wrecked souls.

             Her love of nature has been expressed in different ways in some other poems too. This sympathy extends to those people who are not touched by civilization and who still live in a state of nature. In this collection, there is a poem on the “Jarawas”, a primitive tribe of Andaman fighting a grim battle for survival in an environment appropriated by the civilized humanity,

Wonder! How far they are

from the complexities of modern life?

They abhor wearing masks.

The flesh speaks from within

revealing  years of struggle

for their survival.

            In “Reflection”, the poet assumes the persona of a bird and reflects on the human-made destruction of the green-cover of the earth. It reminds us of the consequences of human folly on human life,

I fail to understand why everything is

So menacingly quiet?

What happened to my mortal friends?

Who till yesterday

Were so full of life?

            In “Buddha: the poetic vision of experiencing eternity by looking at the downcast eyes of Buddha takes the readers to a world. of bliss and  sublimity. Dr Nanda\'s language is simple. She does not use complex cerebral images. Her poetry\'s appeal is lyrical and the reader will not miss the sincerity of her voice .I wish all success in her poetic endeavor.





Published by : The Poetry Society of India Author : Dr. Silima Nanda © 2015 Dr. Silima Nanda ISBN 978-93-83888-29-0 (Paper Back) Price: Rs. 180.00 US Dollar: $ 13 Page : 78 Weight :130 gms Dimension :Width – 14.5 cm x Length - 20.5 cm x Height – 0.6 cm

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